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Welcome to ADV437

We will be using this social network for the entire semester. You will be required to join and will use this on a weekly basis to communicate with others in the class, post, comment and interact with class topics.

I will post important news here, announcements and other items. It is your responsibility to monitor this site and participate in the forums as they are a contributing factor in your final grade. This is not optional.

January 9, 2017

About ADV 437

ADV437 Social network was put in place to provide an online social network for all class members. You will participate, contribute, add SEO elements and earn points along the way! Part of your mark will be the class participation forums where you will contribute each week!

Why This Site?

This site provides us with an online presence to communicate as a class while realizing the benefit and impact of SEO. We can see SEO in action!

Points Leaderboard

  1. #1 admin 58 579.00
  2. #2 Guy Bruyere 1 951.00
  3. #3 Spencer Poprawski 831.00
  4. #4 Cord Allman 638.00
  5. #5 Micah Mayer 179.00

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